About Us


Formed in 2012, Iban Asia’s founding members have previous experience of working within large global recruitment firms. The aim is to take the experience from successfully working within these firms and create a personalised service for clients revolving around a qualitative approach.


With our key principles based on pace and professionalism, combined with active head hunting, Iban Asia can offer businesses access to professionals in the market that are not available through conventional resourcing methods. Services offered include both contingency and search techniques.



The Iban tribe have adapted to continuous environmental change through the centuries and still today adhere to the core moral values of the tribe that formed over 500 years ago. Here at Iban Asia we feel we are able to navigate the modern day highly volatile recruitment market without impinging on our standards of service to our clients.

About The Name

With our adherence to using conventional headhunting techniques - therefore offering a more comprehensive service to clients - we wanted to select a name that reflected this. The Iban tribe of Borneo are best known as the original and largest of the headhunting tribes in Asia.

Whilst this is a slight play on words as we clearly don’t want to be associated with a rather savage form of warfare, we wanted a name that alluded to our primary form of service as well as having relevance to the region.

The Iban tribe have a traditional tattoo that takes a variety of forms that resembles an Eggplant flower. Our own logo is derived from an amalgamation of the centre of a couple of traditional designs.

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